Camp Mishemokwa Reunion
The Dr. Smith Era
Camp Mishemokwa Reunion Scheduled
Camp Mishemokwa Reunion Scheduled

Campers Reunite!!

So a camp reunion is being scheduled for August 1-5, 2012!!

I am so glad that you have found this site.  This site is dedicated to the campers and counselors who attended camp during the Dr. and Mrs Smith Era.  I encourage you to visit often as this site continues to change monthly with new updates.  

If you are interested in helping plan a Camp Mishemokwa Camp Reunion and attended Camp Mishemokwa at any time during the Dr. Smith Era, you are welcome to help. 

Please use the contact us page or email with a phone number that you can be reached. 

One commitment from everyone who visits this site and wants a successful reunion, please try to send as many previous campers and counselors that you might still be in touch with to visit this site.  That would be the single greatest thing you can do. 

Be sure to add yourself to the following Facebook Groups:
Camp Mishemokwa Alumni
The "Mishemokwa" Years

Thank you,

John "Clay" Gibbons
Founder of This Site
Camper/CIT, 1978-1984

Website Last Update:  June 11th, 2011

Reunion Quiz
For selected dinners, what task had to be preformed before entering into the Dining Hall?

Clean your cabin
Bring a gift
Write a letter home
Visit the camp infirmary
Reunion Poll
How many years did you attend Camp Mishemokwa?

4 or less
7 or more

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